Iconic: A Brief History Of Drag

The title of this show is slightly misleading as it barely touches on the history of drag unless it is the personal history of Ian Strouighair aka Velma Celli and the drag that influenced him. There is however recognition of the crowning moments in drag culture such as the Stonewall riots and David Bowie draping his arm around Mick Ronson in the legendary 1972 Top Of The Pops performance of Starman. However the latter tale is somewhat diffused as it is followed up by a version of Under Pressure which came out at a time when Bowie was trying to re-heterosexualise his image so,for me, the song lost its impact.
Along the way we are treated to Velma’s other favourite moments including Queen’s I Want to Break Free, the Rocky Horror Show’s Sweet Transvestite, something from the musical Rent and Gloria Gaynor’s I Am What I Am which was swiftly followed by an encore of I Will Survive.
Loughair certainly does have an impressive set of lungs on him and his voice is expertly matched with the musical theatre leanings of his material. Likewise his band is tight and sync in with his act perfectly.
It could more realistically be called Drag for Beginners however as it barely touches on the themes of drag as performativity as Loughair so often steps out of his character as a means of attaining a knowing laugh.
All in all it is more than an adequate show if you are a fan of light cabaret with musical theatre leanings.
Iconic: A Brief History Of Drag is on at Assembly Checkpoint until August 26th at 9.30pm

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