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Just An Observation

So let’s begin with Theresa May dancing into the abyss…
What a pleasant moment that was for a second and so much more appealing than the image forever burnt into my retinas as she ‘danced’ onto the stage to the strains of Abba’s Dancing Queen for her speech at the Conservative Party Conference. Luckily I was never a particularly huge fan of Abba so that song hasn’t been ruined for me the way it must now surely be for so many others; Abba themselves have said they are displeased with the song being used in a political context and without permission but how unlike the Tories is it to pilfer whatever they want for their own gain with scant regard for anyone else?
The last question was purely rhetorical by the way.
I think worse than the dancing-yes there is worse than the dancing as that is merely a distraction and a failed attempt at self-deprecation- is the fact that May took to the stage like some conquering hero who has something to celebrate rather than admitting that she has ballsed up just about everything she has touched since taking office; on a gargantuan scale to boot. Therefore the faux bravado was as insincere as everything else that emanates forth from her.
Aside from half-arsed dancing, insincere posturing and pathetic sniping at each other not much else came out of the Tory party conference other than the fact that austerity is over –or nearly over it wasn’t very clear- which I am sure will come as a relief to the many still languishing in poverty and an uncertain future with Brexit hanging over their heads which, incidentally, is supposed to bring in its stead at least fifty more years of austerity.
Me too!
I suppose as always things are worse over in America where this week Trump saw fit to mock a female rape victim and claim that it is a worrying time for young men in the USA when they can be accused of such heinous crimes. I’m sure the backward logic works to those of a backward nature and ultimately they don’t come more backward than Trump.
On a more positive note there is a huge independence march in Edinburgh this weekend which at least offers those living in Scotland a glimmer of hope of extricating themselves from the mess that is the UK at this moment in time. Apparently upwards of 30,000 are expected to attend and even the attempts to ban a rally in Holyrood Park has been overcome and replaced by traditional and legitimate events such as picnicking, performing the Highland Fling, tossing the caber and folding the flaps-something to do with potato scones I am reliably informed- so if an afternoon of folding your flaps next to someone tossing their caber appeals then this is the place to be this Saturday afternoon.
Not much happening on the music scene this weekend after last weekend’s highlights which included the Nightingales and the Shamanic experience. The latter featuring such luminaries as Fay Fife, Martin Metcalfe and Kid Congo Powers accompanied by the real-time painting of artist Maria Rud projected onto the amazing backdrop of the Old College Quads building ranks as one of the most impressive events I have attended for years. Even the chill of an outdoor September evening could not detract from the artistry and talent on show here.