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As far as UK politics goes this really is Panto season!
It would seem that after two and a half years of Brexit negotiations, corruption, lies and sheer effrontery the UK government in the hands of the Tories has turned the whole shambles into a shit-show that is the laughing stock of the world.
I mean who seriously after this week of Tory backstabbing, leadership challenges and camncelled votes on the most important issue in recent history can in all truth stand up and say they are proud to be British. If anything the term ‘British’ has become more of a concept than at any time since it first enterd into the national vocabulary. In effect the whole thing is a shambles which puts any panto to shame.
Watching Theresa May cling onto what little power she still has is a sorry sight that surely even she,entrenched in her delusional arrogance, must see is a humiliation too far.
Then again when you consider what is waiting in the wings to audition for the lead role for the next scene of the panto- Michael Gove, Jeremy Hunt, David Davis or the eternal buffoon that is Boris Johnson-then as much as it pains me to say this May might just be the best option yet; you know when I am actually saying this that things are really bad but the only thing the Tory party can truly be relied on is to provide us with a leader that is even worse than the one we already have. It is like they are trying to outdo any dystopian fictions by George Orwell or any other noted alarmist authors; however they are messing around with real people’s lives with scant regard for the implications of their actions’
It is totally shocking that any government would put its party infighting before the needs of its country but that is what we are witnessing on a daily basis.
Of course the reaction here is as frustrating as it merely incurs a shaking of the head, a little tut-tutting and then busying ourselves about on our daily business. Compare and contrast with the rioting in France over the last two weeks and it becomes clear a revolution on the street will never happen here when there are celebrities going through ‘tough times’ in a jungle or the final of the X- Factor has to be rushed home to.
In other words the reserve of the British simply doesn’t match its frustrations, anger and arrogance- the whole Brexit farce was a matter of arrogance that has resulted in Britain being shown exactly its position in the world and it is not quite what people expected nor is it what they wanted to believe.
At the moment I am simply glad that Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP are looking after the interests of Scotland in the face of treacherous behaviour from the rest of Westminster and providing the only real opposition to this rapidly collapsing government.
Elsewhere Christmas is in full swing but I have noticed the uncertainty of the country’s fate has tainted even that as the atmosphere out there on the high street is as challenging and angry as is to be expected when people are unsure about their futures. There is definitely a sense of hostility every time I have ventured into town- it is always rather stressed around this time of year but this feels as if there is an underlying difference I can’t quite get my head around- as nobody really knows what is going to happen or where they stand.
The deterioration of the high street doesn’t really help there and as for the Christmas Markets which basically just sell overpriced tat, alcohol and burgers I avoid them like the plague as they are a major part of the problem and offer no solution to the problem our retail industry faces. Local businesses which pay rent and rates throughout the year and keep an essential part of our heritage alive are what should be supported not some fly-by-night operation which swoops in adding little to our already beautiful landscape and culture replacing it with flashing lights and cheap,shoddy goods. Not that I am averse to a little festive cheer but the Princes Street decorations simply look tacky in my opinion. They are simply not in keeping with their surroundings.
Lots of good music coming up over the next few weeks before the New Year arrives. I suppose the big one is The Filthy Tongues, The Trama Dolls and The Countess of Fife all sharing a bill together at The Liquid Rooms on December 29th. Having been present at gigs by all three this year I am certain this is definitely the gig of the season and one not to be missed.
Bring on Christmas I am more than ready for you this year!