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Just An Observation


With less than three weeks to go until Brexit is supposedly upon us I think following the government’s lead in simply avoiding talking about the impending disaster  about to hit- anyone else noticed the suspicious rise in distractions on the news recently?- is perhaps the best ploy.

Or is it?

At this moment it doesn’t feel if it can possibly happen at the end of this month as planned, as there seems little or no preparation in place; this is despite having three years to implement such measures but something the Government has dismally failed in at huge cost to the integrity and economy of the country.

I mean who exactly would want to enter into any trade deals with the UK looking at the way they have mishandled all negotiations with the EU?; demands followed by tantrum throwing, inept deals followed by tantrum throwing, ridiculous suggestions rejected following by tantrum throwing, then cancelled votes on ridiculous suggestions followed by a pathetic stubbornness to shift on anything. Yes, it’s all going so well.

Since her time in office Teresa May has not managed to pass one solitary piece of legislation that has been of any advantage to any section of society- apart from a few specifically tailored for her privileged and elitist pals of course- and ultimately her legacy will be that of the Prime Minister who effectively destroyed what little credibility Britain had left on the world stage. Scotland having been ignored totally during this whole shambles can surely do better and it really is time that those who voted against independence five years ago looked at the overwhelming evidence in front of them as to how little regard the UK Government affords the nation it claimed so strenuously to respect and want to hold onto.

Away from this Brexshit nonsense- it really is a never-ending and wholly unsatisfying conundrum- it has been an interesting week in many other respects.

The ‘Leaving Neverland’ documentary on Channel 4 has made for uncomfortable viewing and Michael Jackson’s accusers have faced a barrage of hostility regarding their claims the singer sexually abused them from a seriously young age. Whilst aspersions are being cast upon the validity of their statements, not least because the two victims in the programme have previously denied any sexual abuse took place, it made for hard viewing and the sheer pain each revelation obviously brought back made a convincing argument that Jackson was a cruel, manipulative paedophile labouring under the delusion of an inflated ‘God’ complex.

The sheer terror these boys must have felt when they were being questioned and the secrets they felt they were duty bound to keep, harbour a deep and intense damage they will probably never recover from. The lack of comapsssion from Jackson’s devoted fans who are obviously complaining that it is all lies in a bid to discredit their idol reminds me somewhat of Tory followers who despite all the overwhelming evidence placed in front of them  remain in denial.

In other sad news this week I was deeply saddened by the news of TV Presenter. ‘Yoof’ Representative  and all round fabulous style icon Magenta Devine’s sad passing. A much-needed spokesperson for ‘cool’ in an era when cool people were in abundance and ruled the world- nowadays we’d be challenged to find ten cool people on the whole planet- she wore her status, not to mention her omnipresent dark glasses, as if it were a  couture outfit with style, grace and élan.

I remember meeting her at an early Sigue Sigue Sputnik gig when she invited me back to their after party at a swanky hotel where she tried to persuade me to join their touring entourage for the sheer hell of it. I remember being extremely flattered and even more so by the fact it came from someone so in touch with the moment we were living in: an indominitable spirit which touched me then and still arouses fond memories.

Now that Oscar fever has died down – I say fever although it was more of a damp squib with Bohemian Rhapsody and The Green Book entirely undeserving of their awards in my opinion- I can highly recommend Fighting with My Family about a female wrestler making her way to the top of her profession despite the many obstacles in her way. Don’t worry if wrestling is not your thing- it is sooo not mine- as the story at the heart of the film is touching, humorous and rewarding whilst the performances are captivating. If Beale Street Could Talk adapted from the James Baldwin novel is also a great film, beautiful and langurous  and kicks The Green Book into touch with its sensitivity regarding the injustices inherent in what it was like to be  African-American in a bygone era.

If all this is not enough then at least there is something to look forward to in the return of Line of Duty soon although  somehow it is still not soon enough! The next couple of weeks also sees the return of the legend that is Lee Scratch Perry at Summerhall- March 21st- and this time I have no intentions of missing him as I usually always seem to manage to do, much to my regret afterwards!