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Just an Observation

53838575_549703615519134_2850212169608331264_nSo here we are at last, Brexit day!

Or more correctly what should have been Brexit day!

Yes, the day Britain was to take back control, regain sovereignty, step into a bright new future away from the controlling auspices and ridiculous demands- I mean who really needs Human Rights, trading agreements and medical supplies?- of the European Union. Let’s not even start on immigrants who according to many- I will only mention the Farage name once as I feel to do it any more merely feeds the odious creature the oxygen of attention he requires to breathe- were the cause of this country’s problems rather than providing essential workskills and labour as well as cultural diversity which considering the drab grey Britain of my early years was something which was very welcome, much-needed and long overdue.

However in the way that the Tories have managed to mess everything up from the moment they entered Downing Street nine years ago they have monumentally fucked up when it comes to Brexit. It has been a farce of a shitshow from day one but the last few weeks have felt as if we are in some kind of parallel universe that any moment we will miraculously slip out of and find a sense of normalcy and calm.

Unfortunately that is merely wishful thinking and as Westminster descends into even further chaos- Parliament wresting control away from the demagogue like tantrums and empty soundbites of Teresa May has proved no solution at all as no-one can agree on anything so the infighting goes on and on and on with no end in sight- with little more than the self-servative putting their party and personal ambitions before what is good for the country.

On top of this the main opposition party, Labour, despite coming up against the most shambolic and divided government in history still trail behind them in the polls as they can’t even be bothered to oppose in any meaningful way. The kindest thing I can say about Jeremy Corbyn is that he is a failed experiment. I won’t even start on Teresa May as I feel it has mostly been said but one thing that is conclusive is that she will go down in history as the worst Prime Minister ever- with David Cameron snapping at her kitten heels not far behind her- and considering the contenders, Thatcher and Blair leap into view, that is possibly her one and only legacy.

Once again only Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP seem to offer up any solutions or opposition not that you would know it from the mainstream media who are mired into their standard SNP ‘bad’ narrative and that is not going to change anytime soon.

Anyway Brexit is postponed and now there is talk of a General Election and May leaving -she may or may not and it may or may not be in May- although as is typical with her there is no clarity of when.

I can see this saga playing out for sometime yet but one thing is clear and that is the country has never been divided in so many ways but really what else is to be expected as long as the Tories remain in power; May’s supposed replacements¬† include Boris Johnson, Michael Gove, Amber Rudd…Jeez the nightmare just goes on and on and on. Just like Brexit.

Away from the political mayhem if you fancy a night out this weekend then get yourselves along to Lux Lives the yearly homage and tribute to the late, great Cramps frontman. The Edinburgh leg at Teviot on Saturday March 31st features such luminaries as Run Into The Night, Sterling Roswell and a cast of thousands. Full details can be found by clicking on the following link

Then next Friday The Trama Dolls return to the stage for a Spring outing alongside the afore mentioned Run Into The Night, Yur Mum and Powderkeg for two nights of glitter, leather and rock and roll mayhem again in Edinburgh and Glasgow.Details and tickets can be found by following the following links for both gigs.

Edinburgh Friday April 5th

Glasgow Saturday April 6th

Sunday nights will be a definite night in for the next six weeks as Line Of Duty returns this weekend for what is rumoured to be its last run. Expect the unexpected with this one as Jed Mercurio’s plot twists infuriate, enthrall and raise expectation at every opportunity. I can’t wait!

I was saddened this week by the news of Scott Walker’s death.

A constant companion since my teenage years- my main introduction came when my mum returned from helping out at a jumble sale with a ‘Scott Walker sings Jacques Brel’¬† cassette and the immortal words ‘I thought you might like this’- and my¬† love of his music continues to this day. Interestingly I haven’t seen so much universal outpouring of grief on my social media timelines since the passing of David Bowie three years ago which is fitting as both men followed their own artistic endeavours and created their own unique spaces in our collective consciousness.

Walker’s music was-and is- a thing of true beauty and his lyrics touch on grim reality, dark places and transcendental moments, often at the same time. A true original and creative genius I hope he is happy in his great fire escape in the sky, where pavements of poets write that he dies in nine angels arms. Scott Walker you will be sorely missed but thanks for leaving us the music. That remains forever!