Just An Observation

Well it seems the end of May is approaching a little faster than any of us expected; I am not just talking about the month here but also the worst Prime Minister in living memory who will today meet with the Head of the 1922 committee where her departure date will eventually be settled.

Unfortunately with Boris Johnson waiting in the wings, like the scavenging vulture he is, her mantle of worst PM in memory is likely to be challenged almost immediately; the only thing the Tories can be relied upon is to provide a leader less competent and more dangerous than the previous one. It is still a daily frustration that people are prepared to vote and thus willingly hand over the future of their country to such incompetents who no longer even try to mask their true intentions which are downright evil  in most cases.

The European Elections- the ones Theresa May insisted we would not have to participate in-took place yesterday and it looks pretty inevitable that the Brexit Party, with no manifesto and no policies, looks set to romp home to a huge victory south of the border. In Scotland however some common sense prevails and it looks like remaining an SNP stronghold although early indications suggest that the aforementioned Brexit party has gained enough support to maybe take second place. It would seem that fascism is creeping in and on the rise everywhere and the only ones truly to blame for this catastrophe are the Tories – as puppets of billionaire media moguls- who have messed up every single thing they have put their grubby hands on since entering Downing Street nine years ago.

Of course there has been much made of the latest ‘trend’ of milkshaking fascists such as Farage and Tommy ‘Ten Names’ Robinson and I remain unconvinced of how effective this is and not sure how much good it is actually doing. The earlier cases seemed quite legitimate; the young Asian guy surrounded by Robinson and thugs obviously felt intimidated and cornered and thus lashed out in a way that most could comprehend. Conversely the guy who threw one over Farage the other day felt a little more opportunist and trying to make a name for himself-even anti-fascism is not averse to bandwagon jumpers it would seem. Despite this I must admit a little bit of a warm feeling inside met with a satisfied smirk on the outside every time I see either Farage or Robinson covered in the gooey mess that cuts short their campaigning for the day so it something I feel I maybe don’t whole heartedly condemn despite my misgivings.

On a less depressing note there are plenty of things out there to enjoy and this weekend sees two hotly anticipated and sold-out gigs by a reformed Goodbye Mr. Mackenzie at Edinburgh Liquid Rooms as the closing gigs on a  brief and highly successful tour. There is also an exhibition of artworks by three band members, Martin Metcalfe, Big John Duncan and Derek Kelly, going under the banner Global Weirding this Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th at Natami, 13 London Road.

Next Friday also sees The Raptors, the Honey Farm and Rocket Reducer play at the latest Refugee Benefit at Leith Depot in what will definitely be a great night with a very strong line up and all for a very worthy cause.

Also worth catching at the cinema at the moment is Beats which captures the rave scene of 1994 for two teenage boys desperate to find out what mysteries such an event is likely to hold for them. It is an extremely accurate portrayla of a scene which was dying around the time the action takes place but somehow it still manages to capture the exuberance and euphoria of the era. Certainly not a teenage movie it will appeal to anyone who was part of dance culture which swept the nation in the early nineties but it also captures the insidious violence and organised crime which crept in and worryingly lurked in the shadows as drug dealers and out and out capitalists grew bolder and thus more dangerous.

Enjoy the weekend and keep fighting fascism, with or without milkshakes; The Revolution will be Pasteurised is the slogan du jour!



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