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CS, UFS 22With it looking likelier and likelier that the lying, racist, bumbling and incoherent Boris Johnson is set to be the next Prime Minister of the shambles that is currently The United Kingdom- although it has never been more dis-united- it raises questions as to how it ever got to this dreadful state of affairs.

There was more than a general feeling of trepidation in 2010 when the Tories first entered Downing Street, with their pet puppies from the Lib-Dems supposedly giving them a human approach, but it wasn’t until 2015 when they gained a majority and David Cameron decided to play hard and loose with the countries future over a vanity project he smugly and arrogantly assumed he had no chance of losing-the EU Referendum- which he promptly lost, only to walk away and leave his successor to clear up his mess.

Of course the Successor was the beyond incompetent and uncharisamatic Theresa May, who had all the subtlety and tact of a buffalo with a pair of knitting needles and whose only success was to make Britain the laughing stock of the rest of the world.

Meanwhile Boris Johnson-who had not entered the leadership race in 2016- wisely waited in the wings as May royally fucked things up again and again so that he could swoop in like some superhero able to finish the job she was unable to even start; the nation dividing, totally unrealistic and delusional Brexit.

And now nine years later we are in a situiation where the probable next Prime Minister feels he is not accountable to answer questions on domestic abuse claims against himself and gives answers to journalists enquiring about how he spends his spare time with some incoherent babbling about model buses- omitting the part about lies about the NHS painted on the side- when the shorter more correct answer would have been ‘ Shafting the British Public whilst taking the piss even further by giving you answers which you won’t question as I am above reproach’.

This is an abbreviated version but it is how we have crash landed in the broken society that is 2019.

What a mess.

Integrity seems to have left the building and watching over recent weeks how Westminster reacts and responds to legitimate questions  and statements posed by the SNP- the third biggest party in parliament which seems to anger them no end- shows that as far as Scotland and its people are concerned they, especially The Tories, are no longer even pretending they don’t hate us anymore. In fact hostilities are so open it is almost as if they are declaring a war of sorts. Then again war is the general answer to most things that irritate the Tory party. It is their default setting.

Away from the doom and gloom any escape is rewarding so maybe try and catch a film at the Film Festival. As I haven’t been reviewing this year I can’t comment on the standard of films so far and the Festival certainly doesn’t seem to have the cachet it had had in previous years when events were littered with stars of a higher calibre than the last few years.

In fact many Edinburgh residents aren’t even aware that it is in progress as it is a much more low key event than it was when it was included in the official festival and ran alongside it. As a stand alone event it has never been the impressive beast it once was.

A couple of things worth catching this weekend are the Refugees Benefit at Leith Depot this evening(Friday 28th June) especially after the sad news that the venue will indeed close on October 1 this year. Shame on Drum Properties killing off such an important local venue loved by the community which, along with the closure of the Leith Walk Cafe in the next few weeks, will leave the site derelict and abandoned when month on month leases could have been offered simply to allow the businesses to continue until some resolve could be reached. Unfortunately this is not to be and I foresee an empty site which will remain unoccupied until at some point when it  will be hit by a ‘mysterious’ fire. Sad times indeed.

Also definitely worth catching is an exhibition of early works by American photographer Cindy Sherman at Stills Gallery Cockburn Street which runs until October 6. This is a must see.

Don’t forget the Fringe is just around the corner and although I haven’t even seem a programme yet I can feel the angst and tension starting to emanate from within.

Be Warned!


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