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I think it is beyond all doubt that this election campaign has unleashed the true nature of the Tories with all its deceit, lies and disinformation. What has disturbed me though is how willing people are to turn a blind eye to their dishonourable behaviour and malicious intent or, more worryingly, don’t even see it.

The future they envision for this country benefits no one  aside from themselves and their ilk. What confuses me more is how people in deprived areas and on low incomes  will still vote for them because the media have blindsided them with anti-Corbyn propaganda and smears of anti-semitism; smears that can be dispelled with even the simplest of fact checking. However this seems beyond the ‘sheeple’ who choose to believe the bile and rhetoric attacking the Labour leader as the media has such a tight stranglehold over the majority of our population that they accept anything that suits their shaped preconceptions; the Tories agenda which will cripple the vast majority of their supporters is hiding in plain sight.

I would hasten to add I am no Corbynist as I feel he has had an open goal with each successive government over the last few years and failed to score even the slightest of victories due to his ineffectual nature and unwillingness to get down in the rough and grapple with the dishonour of his Tory opponents who savage him at every opportunity which he seemigly allows them to do.

And what a bunch of lowlifes they are!

Setting aside the evil intent that consumes Boris Johnson for a moment let us consider his henchmen Michael Gove, Dominic Rabb, Matt Hancock and Priti Patel. There surely should be a collective noun for such an assembly and personification of evil that these four in particular represent. Between them they have made it clear that they systematically want to destroy and dismantle the NHS, workers rights, gay rights, public services and almost anything good that any previous generation has fought for and earned.

Then there is their inglorious leader Boris Johnson who really is such a malignant character that you couldn’t make him up; racist, homophobic, blustering, cowardly and an out and out liar. Why would anyone vote for him? It really is beyond all comprehension and reason; even members of his own party including a former Prime Minister-John Major- are advising to vote against him.

This week alone he has hidden in a fridge, shied away from an Andrew Neil interview, and when confronted by a journalist with an image of a four year old on a hospital floor suffering from pneumonia  pocketed the phone of said journalist ignoring the plight of the suffering child and instead goes on with his scripted bluster about getting Brexit done- what a weak phrase that actually is and it gets weaker with each of its many repeatings- and ‘one nation conservatives’ until he is forced by the journalist to address the issue at hand. The message that came across is that he simply does not care.

And still people will vote for him.

At worrying times such as these I am so glad I live in Scotland where there is a viable alternative in the shape of the SNP who are at least a progressive party and offer Independence away from the outmoded and corrupt state of Westminster. Like Labour and Corbyn they receive very little in the way of good press coverage despite huge surges in the polls and the straight talking, persuasive nature of First Minister Nicola Sturgeon who has won any debate she has appeared in hands down.

Where the SNP have scored over recent times is in the amount of work they have done on the ground. They involve themselves in local events and affairs and are highly visible. This is not remote politics and it annoys me when I hear people down south say that Independence is the only thing they have to offer. Whilst they have not succeeded on every level-education is one example- our NHS is in a far better state than its English counterpart and they seem to be trying to create a more benign and caring society in general.

Yesterday I was at the hospital which I attend on a regular basis and receive excellent treatments which I am extremely grateful for and I was waiting on my prescription being made up when I espied a copy of the Daily Mail on the table in front of me. I tried my best to avoid looking at it but the bold lettering of the headline decrying Nicola Sturgeon and Jeremy Corbyn as some sort of axis of evil to be avoided at all costs caught my eye and I weakened and succumbed to reading about three paragraphs feeling quite nauseous- more nauseous than a recent biopsy made me feel- as I realised that many people read this atrocious bile and actually are taken in by it. In under a minute I had picked it up and deposited it in a bin realising that kind of journalism  is a despicable virus that spreads as fast as any other life threatening disease, poisoning the minds of all who come into contact with it.

So I am away out to vote now and rest assured I will be voting for a fairer, kinder society that the SNP offer Scotland and hope upon hope that when I wake up tomorrow I am not confronted with the smug arrogance of Boris Johnson with a majority and a mandate to wreak havoc and despair. Vote with your conscience I say!