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Edinburgh International Film Festival 2012


 Promising to be more memorable than last years understated affair-which I had almost forgotten about before I had even seen my last film- new artistic director Chris Fujiwara has assembled an interesting and diverse collections of films for EIFF 2012. There will also be a return to events likely to attract performers, directors, industry moguls and thus the attention of the public also. It also retirns to the three main cinemas involved being The Filmhouse. The Cameo and Cineworld.

This was one of the drawbacks of last years back to basics approach in that despite cries for more reality and less glitz, people are always going to associate the cinematic experience with a slight removal from reality and this in turn requires the presence of larger than life characters as epitomised by film stars and lesser forms of attendant celebrity. It doesn’t necessarily make the films you see any better but it does add an element of prestige to an event which needs to draw attention from more than industry insiders if it is to continue and succeed.

2010’s festival saw me seated next to Britt Ekland who was  heavily lip-glossed and sunglass clad-once the film stated rolling the shades were replaced by granny glasses but hastily repositioned and the lip-gloss expertly reapplied in the dark as the closing credits started rolling-at an early morning showing of ,what can only be described as art-house porn. To her left sat a miniscule Patrick Stewart –why are movie stars all under 5’7”- and their presence lent the whole proceedings a slightly surreal atmosphere.

I am unsure which stars are Edinburgh bound this year although director William Friedkin-The Exorcist and French Connection- whose film Killer Joe features at the opening gala is a definite attendee but I am unsure whether his film’s star Matthew McConaughey is attending. Edinburgh in June is probably too cold for him to appear without his shirt on as is his wont although this film actually apparently requires more from him than revealing his perfectly buff oiled torso so it will be interesting to see what sort of performance Friedkin coaxes out of him.

Other interesting films include a film about Anton Corbijn –of 2007’s Control and famous for his relationship as Joy Division photographer- called Inside Out showing at the Filmhouse on the 28th and 29th June. Pusher, Grabbers, Future My Love, Life Just Is, Young Dudes, Brake and Exit Elena are just some films on my list to see in the first week whilst updates and reviews will be posted on a daily basis before the films go on show to the public.

Already the festival is garnering more attention than last years unfortunately dull affair. The films are a rich mix with something likely to appeal to everyone whether it be shorts, animation, documentary or feature films. The retrospective season this year features the work of Gregory La Cava who was one of the great innovators of American comedy and includes classics such as Unfinished Business and Private Worlds. There is also an extensive retrospective of various works by acclaimed Japanese filmmaker Shinji Somai considered one of the great poets of adolescence in modern cinema. Here is hoping the weather improves- or at least the rain actually stops for a short period- to assist the 2012 EIFF in becoming a memorable event for those attending.