Oohfashion Edinburgh Fall/Winter 2011 Show.


Getting the denizens of Edinburgh out on a cold, windy Tuesday night is no mean achievement but even from the moment I approached the venue, The Green Room in Picardy Place, hosting Oohfashion’s 2011 Autumn /Winter show a sense of electricity filled the air lessening the mid-October chill. It is certainly a novel experience to see such a flurry of heels, coiffed hair and stylish ensembles cluttering up the pavement in a city not generally regarded as having any serious fashion chops. This event made a convincing argument in proving otherwise as was its original intent. Once inside the venue the atmosphere continued to flourish and at precisely 8pm the show commenced.

Opening with the elaborate, vertiginous head confections of Jenevieve Berlin Millinery the show then progressed at a leisurely pace that allowed the audience to view and appreciate the creations on display. Seamlessly moving into C.Watson’s stylish pieces including cropped jackets with faux fur hoods-one pair of trousers with leather inlays are on my hunt them out list already- the focus then shifted into the male apparel of 21st Century Kilts neither missing a beat nor with any incongruity. Next up was Ness and their collection of more traditional workaday essential Scottish garments that contrasted neatly with nicci n’s more bodycon pieces with lace masks and a neat pair of cropped trousers with side buttons. A selection of vintage wear from Those Were The Days was up next followed by more headwear this time from Rene Walrus including some stunning pieces that resembled sculpture more than millinery and certainly could be termed statement pieces. Nutmeg offered up a selection of sophisticated evening wear with a blue satin/silk fishtail dress being the standout number. Meloosha and Karen Reid presented an elegant and more sophisticated approach before Sweet Danger sent out a selection that could be termed avant-fetish with its sheer, figure hugging creations not for the faint hearted but definitely the more confident and adventurous. Kakao By K was another pleasant enough collection but the ultimate in elegance and ladylike forties inspired dresses were served up by Lady Jojo’s. Tea At Aunties was young, fun and would appeal to the younger spectrum who could provide the suitable insouciance the garments require rather than anyone who had already celebrated their thirtieth birthday. The finale was provided by Psychomoda whose stunning dresses-all fuchsias clashing and blending with fluorescent pinks and bright reds, tweed and silks married  with tartan inlays and structured to be both rigid and fluid-  that would make an impact whatever the occasion. And that was that, after an hour and a half of a well soundtracked, smooth running show which lived up to the statement of intent by organiser Gary Anderson that there would be something for everyone.

Events like this are important to Edinburgh which often unfairly gets cast out to the fashion wilderness and last night showed clearly what the city has to offer in terms of creativity and style. A Spring/Autumn show is already being mentioned and with the nights drawing in and a chill in the air this news provides a bit of warmth to ease us through the winter months ahead. That and lots of stylish, chic clothes that is. Oh ,and it was all for a worthwhile charity ,The Sick Kids Friends Foundation Charity, so fashion is not all about the hedonism and indulgence but just enough to keep us wanting more.

Ooh Fashion Edinburgh

Edinburgh, as a general rule, is generally dismissed as a fashion metropolis. Whilst on initial inspection this may be considered a fair appraisal-a sea of denim and grey is awash on the high streets as in most cities- closer inspection however reveals there is more individuality and effort made than is first discernible. Usually coming second to rival city Glasgow which after all has the highest sales of Versace outside Italy-quite why the inhabitants of the wettest city in Britain want to wear clothes and colours more suited to the baking sun drenched streets of Milan is beyond me- but their ‘style’ seems to emanate from the high street. Edinburgh’s inhabitants, on the other hand, favour a more eclectic mix and match flavour in their style endeavours resulting in a less uniform and more original, individual approach.

This is something that Gary Anderson of Ooh Fashion seems to have recognised and his fashion show at The Green Room on October 18th and subsequent Fashion Fair on the 22nd at the same venue intend to promote Edinburgh as a serious fashion contender. Established designers such as Psychomoda will rub shoulders with newer upcoming contributors such as Kakao by K guaranteeing there will be something to appeal to everyone. For the fashionistas attending the fashion show on the 18th a further bonus is that the designers on show will be selling their designs at the fashion fair four days later and at heavily discounted prices to (Louboutin) boot. This beats even the top designers who usually have to deal with their designs being ripped off and the facsimile versions in High Street stores before their own original creations have even hit the shops.

As is the fashion these days Ooh Fashion is supporting a worthwhile charity- the Sick Kids Friends Foundation Charity- though at least in this case this is a genuine involvement not just this seasons latest fad. So why not use the moment to (over) indulge yourself and help others at the same time. That is something that requires true style and never goes out of fashion.


Both events will take place at the Green Room, 12 Picardy Place, Edinburgh, EH1 3JT.  Doors for the fashion show open at 7pm with the show starting at 8pm. Tickets are priced students £8, adults £10 and are available to pre-order by e-mailing Gary at as well as at the door on the night. “A fair of Fashion” is open to the public from 11am till 5pm and admittance is free

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