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5 Guys Chillin’

Certainly not one for the faint hearted, 5 Guys Chillin’ makes its intentions clear almost from the outset. Throwing a non-judgmental eye over the Chemsex chill out parties that lead to group sex sessions this no holds barred production by Kings Head Theatre and Em Lou Productions is not afraid to dress its nudity, drug taking, sex chat and promiscuity up in skimpy clothing.
The scene revolves around a late night party –possibly after a club- with the five invitees having found their way there via dating apps. The intentions are implicit but they are also extremely explicit. The idea is simply to take as many drugs – crystal meth, here frequently referred to by its street slang name ‘Tina’, MDMA, Speed and of course the ubiquitous cocaine- and let things evolve, or degenerate, into a sexual scene. Of course as is expounded throughout the show that by taking as many drugs as they do it kind of dulls the sexual experience; that is if they are able to function at all.
It is a stark and honest look at a scene which remains a mystery to many and whilst it never addresses exactly what motivates those who participate into participating it does give a clear indication that those involved are unhappy, frustrated, lonely and rather desperate. Despite this they still claim that they enjoy what they are doing and the alternative-settling down in a monogamous relationship- is unlikely to make them any happier or less lonely so perhaps it is more complex than it appears on the surface.
Certainly this play offers no judgment nor does it take a moral stance either way. Based on verbatim conversations from gay men who participate in these soirees there is a gritty realism throughout. At times it is hard not to empathise with characters such as the Punjabi man whose background and culture simply forbids homosexual behaviour but somehow he has found resolve with his wife who knows of- and to some extent tolerates- his leanings but even this is not enough for him so he attends these late night parties and allows himself to engage with multiple partners.
As said at the beginning this is not one for the faint hearted. A couple of people left in its early stages; perhaps they thought the ‘chillin’ of the title referred to sitting around with a cup of tea politely chatting. It is definitely a full on show with lots of strong language, nudity and sexual references that are maybe not for the uninitiated. It is however a fascinating, entertaining insight into a demimonde which is obviously now a part of our society and culture. Be warned also that the theatre is so hot that you may be tempted to disrobe yourself!
5 Guys Chillin’ is on at Assembly Roxy until August 27th at 9.50pm