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Maggie’s Plan

Maggie’s Plan
With her biological clock ticking away and with no partner on the horizon Maggie (Greta Gerwig) decides to deploy a less traditional method in conceiving the much wanted child that has so far eluded her and sets herself a date for going through with her plan. However as the months pass and the date she has set aside approaches she still goes ahead with her plan and engages a suitable donor Guy (Travis Fimmel) but becomes involved with fellow married lecturer John( Ethan Hawke) first as a creative advisor but eventually as a lover.
Supposedly falling pregnant at the very beginning of their relationship, events overtake her and John leaves his controlling, self obsessed wife Georgette and he and Maggie embark on a happily ever after existence which while deviating from her grand scheme seems to suit her anyway.
However before long the idyllic existence begins to pall when Maggie realises that John is every bit as controlling, self obsessed and needy as his ex wife and thus she embarks on another plan to return him to her.
Directed by Rebecca Miller Maggie’s Plan sometimes feels as if it could do with a little more planning itself.
Gerwig lends a certain drollness to her character but sometimes it feels as if she is acting in a different film. Hawke is quite unobtrusive in his role playing John and his understated performance is well suited to the easily manipulated John who seems to do whatever suits him at any particular time.
Julianne Moore, on the other hand, overplays her part as the neurotic Georgette who originates from Denmark and her comedic timing is well utilised making her character the most dominant of them all.
All in all Maggie’s Plan fulfils its role as a comedy drama even if the plot twits are often not very surprising at all. It is an enjoyable film which is quite infectious and it will make you smile even if it is not particularly groundbreaking.
Maggies Plan is on at the Odeon Saturday June 18th at 20.55 and again on Sunday 19th at Cineworld at 20.35