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Just An Observation Friday July 12th


 It would appear that after too many years of false starts, false promises and false hopes that Scotland is actually having what could be termed an actual ‘summer’. Soaring temperatures , sunny days and the sight of peely-wally bodies aka the Leith tan-‘ Sun’s out,  so tops off and shorts on would appear to be the Caledonian Braveheart war cry- have been the norm for over a week now. Not wishing to tempt fate I will not linger too long on this subject apart from to say ‘Long overdue but welcome back!’

Also long overdue was Andy Murray’s triumphant win at Wimbledon last Sunday which dominated headlines and conversations for a great part of the week. Congratulations are deservedly due but the fact the event was proclaimed and reported as the first British-let’s not even start on the Scottish/English debate here-win for seventy seven years since Fred Perry in 1936 was wildly incorrect. In fact the last British winner was Virginia Wade in 1977 – Dorothy Round Little in 1937, Angela Mortimer Barrett in 1961 and Ann Haydon Jones in 1969 all took home winning trophies for Britain in the intervening years- but seems to have been eradicated from history for being a mere woman.

 This kind of reporting shows an inherent sexism is still alive in our society despite years of sexual equality and equal rights for all. It is not just lazy and incorrect journalism it is also deeply irresponsible. To write female victories out of the history books-perhaps what is needed is a parallel version of historic events named ‘Her-story’ to even out the male bias and perspective- undoes all the strides forward our culture has undertaken in recent decades.

Apart from a few notable exceptions, when obviously they cannot be ignored, women have been erased from our histories and despite there is no question that each and every person on this planet originates from the female body this is a shocking omission. The term anon in poetry and attached to many familiar folk songs passed down through centuries are believed to have also come from women but because they were not recognised as making any worthwhile contributions their works were attached with this stigma and thus they remained anonymous with no recognition of their efforts.

 Despite this congratulations are due to Andy Murray in what must surely be a great week for Britain on the international stage whether you are male or female, Scottish or English (or even Irish or Welsh for that matter).

 I watched the tennis under a cloud of the previous nights partying at the first night of Rammed in the Voodoo Rooms last Saturday night. A successful night saw this intriguing prospect kick off in style attracting an interesting and up for it crowd. Homesick Aldo won hearts and devotees in his usual fashion and the two DJ’S The Baron and Anna Kissed rocked the floor with their delectably excellent choices. I actually danced so much in the latter stages of the night that on the following Sunday and Monday I could barely walk; must get into training for the next one which will be announced in the coming weeks.

 This sunshine we are having is going to render T in the Park almost unrecognisable this year. It is certainly an unrecognisable event from last year which saw the tent site being swept away in torrential rain and floods being re-named T in the Swamp by myself. When the chance to go this year and see Kraftwerk I decided to bail out and not take the risk of letting anyone down at the last minute due to my weak constitution and lack of outdoor ‘making do’ skills.

It is not a decision I regret however-despite the glorious weather- as I still maintain outdoors is my least favourite way to listen to live music. I prefer an indoor sweaty environment where the sounds overwhelm you, the electric guitars jolt your body into being and you can not only smell the sweat but actually touch it. Now that is rock and roll. What it is not is being in a crowd of 20,000 plus all waving banners and singing tunelessly along. Hope  everyone going has a good time though and that the sun keeps on shining.

Here to round off today is a video of the Teutonic Techno-Meisters’  biggest hit ‘The Model’.



 rammed photo

Edinburgh nightlife has been in a despondent state for several years now: same old venues, same old DJ’s and same old generic styles. It has taken awhile but the creators of new night Rammed-this Saturday July 6th at the Speakeasy in the Voodoo Rooms-are ready to launch a night which incorporates the excitement of live music within a club environment and hope in the process to put some life back into Edinburgh nightlife. Its creators are hoping to re-ignite the interest of some of the people who helped make Edinburgh a worthwhile clubbing experience in the past whilst drawing in a younger crowd who are frustrated at what they are being offered elsewhere. Hopefully somewhere in the middle the generational shift will collapse alongside musical and ageist prejudices.

 The policy is no policy other than style and good taste and this is quite an ambitious coda in a town which-let’s be honest- can quite often fall into patterns of stability and predictability.

 The opening night looks set to rock out with the raucous , riotous and totally perverse sound of Andy and the Prostitutes who took the Fringe by storm last year with their show which played nightly in the Phoenix. Although having had a difficult last few months head prostitute Andy Mackay was convinced enough by the project to reconvene his merry band of men for the event and they have rehearsed rigorously. Imagine if The Pogues had been born on a porn set then you have some idea of the musical terrain they inhabit.  At one rraucous show I attended last year their song ‘I’m Too Pretty For Prison’ prompted such misguided behaviour from one audience member he thought he would try out the sentiments expressed in the title for real. Unfortunately he wasn’t!

 Saturday will also see proto-superstar Homesick Aldo reveal a new act which he has been studiously rehearsing for several months now. Previously very much a one man show with just him and his harmonica creating a beautiful calamitous racket, this time other elements are incorporated but all will be revealed on the night. All I will say are that among the brand spanking new originals debuting on the night are ‘Electric Stars’ and ‘Talking Stranded City Blues’ but look out for a cover of the Gun Club classic ‘Jack on Fire’ to really raise the roof!

 The DJ’s involved in the project are no less important than the bands however and the ambience they create is crucial to the success of the night. The Baron and Anna Kissed both promise slinky, sleazy and sexy sets which delve into different genres, eras and styles carefully selecting then stirring them into a cauldron to cook up a cacophonous musical stew.

 Although this is the first night of Rammed, talks and plans are already underway for the next one with slight changes each time. A return date for November at the Voodoo Rooms is already pencilled in but other options, including the possibility of different venues, are being considered in the meantime. Hoping to create an atmosphere similar to early clubbing experiences-when people actually made an effort to dress up and actually spoke to each other in between all the sneering-there is already a buzz circulating about the opening night however and if everything goes as planned it should be a very exciting and glamorous night. Be there!

Rammed is at the Speakeasy in the Voodoo Rooms, West Register Street Saturday July 6th at 8pm.


Just An Observation Friday June 14th

rammed photo

Fashion seems to be very much in the air this week. First of all I attended an amazing showing of the new collection by Atelier E.B. this Wednesday on a warm balmy summer evening- I am rarely able to use that phrase with our whimsical Scottish climate so indulge me please- in the picturesque and atmospheric Inverleith House situated in the Botanic Gardens. Fine knit cashmere pieces, beautifully tailored coats, funky tee shirts and full length woollen socks all tempted several of the attendees with orders filling up the books of the two artists/designers at the core of this venture, Lucy McKenzie and Beca Lipscombe. It did feel strange looking at items more closely associated with winter on such a beautiful summer evening but strangely enough the two opposing factions didn’t detract from each other and the evening rounded off perfectly with a stroll through the gardens aided by swigs from a celebratory bottle of champagne. At Inverleth House until Sunday 16th June Atelier E. B. is well worth checking out.

 Cashmere and winter clothing were very much on my mind the following evening however when I attended Leith Late. Making my way up Leith Walk the contrast in the weather from the previous evening could not have been more pronounced as cold winds and grey skies competed with each other as to which could dampen the spirits of  this worthy event the most. It was not a total downer though and I managed to garner some enjoyment from the spells I spent in Woodland Creatures, Elvis Shakespeare , The Art Bus and finally the Windsor Buffet Bar. The latter was most notable for the tuneless, flat singing of the female singer of their headlining band. Matters were not aided by the presence of her number one fan –and best friend- who made it quite clear if appreciation of her friend’s talents were not shown then her displeasure would be. As I tried not to wince every time a high note was not properly reached- there were many of these occasions- I also had to prevent a smirk from spreading across my face.

 Tomorrow night sees me returning to the world of fashion again as the Edinburgh International Fashion Festival launches its programme of events. Last years venture was highly successful so returning for a second time it will be interesting what 2013 yields from this enterprising and innovative team.

 Monday sees the Film Festival kick off and although I haven’t had time to compile a complete Calendar I have several films earmarked as essential and no doubt along the way I will discover a great many more. I am particularly looking forward to this year’s closing film- Not Another Happy Ending starring Karen Gillen- as it features a song by Teen Canteen, my new favourite girl group, on its soundtrack. Daily updates on what is worth seeing –or not as the case may be- will be posted before the films can be viewed by the public and hopefully will help to steer you in the right direction.

 News this week was confirmed about a new night called Rammed which is to be held at the Voodoo Rooms on July 6th. An impressive line up featuring the phenomenon which is Homesick Aldo and the wonderfully wilfully perverse Andy and the Prostitutes constitute the live music aspect of the evening. Not to be outdone however The Baron and Anna Kissed will be providing some excellent tuneage  before, during and after the bands, aiming to create a sonic environment and cultural experience unlike any other on the scene at the moment. Get along early though as spaces are limited and instead of trying to appeal to a mass audience which requires the struggle of filling up the venue with any old punters the promoters have instead elected to opt for a more intimate and select setting.

 Here then to round up today is a recently recorded video by a solo Homesick Aldo, although he has promised that his live act will feature a whole slew of new material and for the first time he will unveil and perform a prepared set with other musicians accompanying him.


Just An Observation Friday June 6th


At the time of writing summer seems to be making a rare appearance with blue skies and sunshine proliferating over the last week. Aside from the inappropriate ratios of clothing to flesh and alcohol to body weight-typical of Scots although it would appear not wholly exclusive to them- there has not been much to complain about over the last few days.

 Unless of course you count the ongoing strains of the Bongos which invaded the confines of my living space via a few trustafarians at last weekends Meadows festival which certainly brought on a new condition henceforth known as ‘Bongo Rage’ in me. I don’t know what it is about a bit of grass combined with dreadlocks, lager, burnt food all topped with sunshine and open air that makes people with no talent think they are Mickey Finn (from T.Rex who also possessed little in the way of talent but at least looked amazing) and feel the incessant desire to pound away on the bongo skins aimlessly for a whole weekend.

From my flat which overlooks the Meadows the resulting sound was like a constant migraine niggling away at my psyche with little relief until the Monday morning. Trying to enter the spirit of the thing I actually ventured over to see if I could soak up some of the atmosphere-usually I decamp to another part of town during this weekend- and whilst it was a reasonably pleasant experience, no doubt enhanced by Sundays glorious sunshine, I can truthfully report that bongos are even less bearable at close quarters. In fact the visual horror of seeing a bunch of hippies flailing around minus rhythm or style may have taken things to a new height of irritation.

 This weekend sees the return of the dreaded bongos at Leith Links festival which although I am pretty sure I am not attending  I may just make an appearance at just to hurl some much needed abuse to punctuate their aimless beatings. Much more appealing however is Leith Late13 taking place next Thursday between 6-9pm on Leith Walk in 17 venues and featuring over 30 artists, musicians and performers.

 The previous evening I will be attending an opening for Atelier E.B. in the prestigious Inverleith House surrounded by the picturesque splendour of the Botanic Gardens. The company is the combined brain child of Beca Lipscombe and Lucy McKenzie and the event holds host to their new collection ‘Ost End Girls’ and whilst they still focus on their desires to promote the Scottish textile industry-combining it with Belgian manufacturing- with cashmeres, tweeds and other traditional fabrics they will also for the first time be showing a summer collection. A full report of the evening will be posted after the event but this is a worthwhile venture which deserves support and is open to the public from Thursday 13th until the 16th at the same venue-Inverleith house- so do yourself a favour and go along.

 As mentioned last week a new venture called Rammed featuring live music and DJ’S aiming to create a sonic environment is due to make an appearance in the near future. So far all I can reveal is that a date of Saturday July 6th in the Voodoo Rooms has been announced and that the headlining act is proto superstar Homesick Aldo who after causing waves on the scene over the last year or so has been locked away in rehearsals creating new material and extending his musical palette to re-launch his musical/blues experience on the public at this event.

I, myself, am hoping to hear the fruits of his labours at a private open house party tomorrow night.  I am admittedly very curious about both this and the new venture as I feel it is about time Edinburgh got back into trying to create some sort of underground scene which is both exclusive and inclusive at the same time. If you have not heard, or heard  of, Homesick Aldo then I suggest you do and a feature which appeared on this site several months ago is a s good a place as any to start. The article can be found here.

 Today however I am actually strangely excited about going to see what will obviously be an over the top camp extravaganza and exposé about glitzy entertainer Liberace, Behind the Candleabra. As I am attending with a friend who himself is a camp piece of toxic outrage who minces more than a butchers equipment I am expecting my viewing experience to be accompanied by squeals of delight, salacious cackles and attempts- most likely unsuccessful- to control his desires to highkick his way down the theatre aisles whilst all the while claiming the film to be a wonder of  modern cinema. However from the trailers I have seen thus far I feel I may have to suppress my own desires –total anathema to me usually I hasten to add- to follow his lead and embrace the moment!


Just An Observation Friday March 22nd


Just when it seemed almost safe to shed a layer or two of clothing, winter descended again over the last week with blizzards and snow which although not exactly causing mayhem have allowed us to all return to our national pastime of complaining about the weather. I am unsure why whimsical-the kindest description I could muster- weather is such an obsession in this country but it does seem to affect people’s moods as well as their ability to talk of much else as is witnessed by it being news headlines for about four days in a row despite being little more than a few snow flurries with a small dusting lying on the ground, most of which had disappeared by the following afternoon.

The inclement weather allowed me to eventually catch up on the Oscar winning film Argo after putting it off due to the hype which has already surrounded it. I wanted to see whether it was deserving of its Oscar win and the only opinion I could come up with was yes…and no.

Focussing on the rescuing of six employees of the American Embassy in Iran at the time of the revolutions in the late seventies it seems like yet another attempt at rewriting American history in America’s favour- see also Lincoln and Zero Dark Thirty also among this years contenders- after accusations of the great state being a global bully. Attempting to redress the balance by showing the U.S. as a caring compassionate and even modest nation-as far as its own citizens and the press are concerned- Argo details one CIA operative’s endeavours to rescue the refugees before they are captured and suffer the likelihood of public beheadings against the wishes of his superiors who are only interested in maximising bad publicity on the international circuit.

That the plan involves an elaborate ruse that has the operative- coolly played by Ben Affleck who also did a sterling job with its direction- masquerading as a film producer who enters Iran alone and whilst there convinces the six would be captives that they must assume the role of his film crew. It is a well thought out and simultaneously ridiculous plan which even involves several Hollywood bigwigs brought into the CIA’S fold to help out.

It ambles along, for much of its duration, at its own pace and the period detailing is pretty spot on. One thing I notice which is being used to date 20th century films /dramas is the number of people who smoke, how often they smoke and the fact they smoke any damn place they feel like.

It is essentially Affleck’s film however and most of cast slide into insignificance around him but whilst it is an admirable film it does lapse into cliché on several occasions; the closing climactic scenes involve a chase along the tarmac of the airport which is so Hollywood it is almost cringeable. A good film but definitely not the best of the last year by a long shot.

Last week also saw a great night at The Leith Links Cricket Club-no matter how I say or write it it never sounds any cooler or more glamorous- which was an amazing night featuring four bands including the stupendous Homesick Aldo-who stole the night- Greek Maggot Bingo the Liberty Takers and the Bonnevilles. Despite the venue not exactly being rock and roll it suited the evening perfectly and attracted a great crowd who were more than up for it. So underground it was positively subterranean.

This weekend however sees the return of Andy and the Prostitutes –my favourite act of last years Fringe- with a spanking brand new show called ‘Adventures in Pornoland’. This band are riotous, raucous, funny and more than a little filthy-latest release ‘Wank It’ is testament to just how filthy these boys can be and they can be caught at the Phoenix in Broughton Street on Friday at 7.30pm or alternatively- or additionally if you can’t get enough of their debauchery- at the Institute in Marchmont on Saturday from 8pm onwards. A taste of what to expect-expect the unexpected- can be found here.

It seems that the success of Danish drama ‘The Killing’- I am still in mourning after the departure of Sarah Lund and her cosy knits- ITV have decided to lift the idea more or less wholesale and set it in a seaside town in Wessex called Broadchurch which also gives the series its name casting David Tennant as the cop with unorthodox methodology; much like Lund in its Danish counterpart.

Three episodes in however and I am still missing the subtitles whilst being overawed by the clichés and red herrings which a facsimile often produces. Tennant and his co-star Olivia Colman manage to keep the whole thing afloat however even when Pauline Quirke as a scowling local eccentric and a grumpy newsagent threaten to drag it out with the tide. I am however quite intrigued as to how it is going to all fashion itself out but having it unfold over eight weeks demands too much attention and does not create enough suspense. If ITV had put their money where their mouth was they could have shown it in two hour instalments over four weeks but that might have meant rescheduling their soap opera patterns and we cannot have that now can we? Not unless it is football which seems to overtake everything else in terms of importance.

Right off for my descent into the dark nether world of Andy and the Prostitutes and can only hope I make it out of the weekend with a little of my dignity in tact. Not that I am entering it with much in the first place!




Homesick Aldo

 Homesick_Aldo©G_Evan%0d%0a s

Imagine a lone drifter stowed away on a freight train travelling the route of Highway 61 absorbing the works of Jack Kerouac and Hunter. S. Thomson wrapped up in the blues. Eventually emerging with impeccable rock and roll insouciance-channelled via Johnny Thunders and John Cooper Clarke-combining the licks of Sonny Boy Williamson, Jimmy Reed and, Muddy Waters accompanied only by a harmonica and primal drumbeat-so stripped back that even the White Stripes appear grandiose-then you get some insight into the force of nature which creates the musicality and myth Homesick Aldo.

A new kind of star for a 21st century which has thus far wrapped itself up in technological turgidity where so much music has lost not only its integrity and raw emotion  but also its driving forces and beliefs.

Aldo, on the other hand, takes elements of the past and his own selected musical heritage, hurling them into a musical time machine, effortlessly streaming the zeitgeist of our current climate by introducing authenticity and rawness back to a medium which languishes in hype and X-Crement Factor cheesiness evolving into our first authentic millennial self titled bluesician,

A sound both ageless and timeless; seemingly from either a hundred years ago or a hundred years into the future but most importantly very much of its own moment proving – if proof were needed- that the blues are a style that never goes out of fashion.  Beyond being yet another artist merely adopting the pose of the trendy ‘unplugged’ ethos as, despite the basic instrumentation, his act crackles with an urgent, vibrant vitality fuelled by electricity.

His raw, innovative solo live show – a lone harmonica,  an errant kazoo, an occasional singular drum all topped off with wailing bluesy vocals are his only arsenal- is an antidote to the overly rehearsed, moribund dullness of mainstream live shows with artists merely going through the motions and he instead concentrates on capturing the audience’s attention; demanding their souls whilst stealing their hearts and devotion in the process.

A live act like no other on the circuit at the moment and everywhere he plays even the sceptical and non believers have inevitably found themselves drawn into this maelstrom of a musical hybrid emerging from this singular young man. The songs are freeform interpretations of blues classics mixed with original compositions all stirred along with familiar reference points- a New York Dolls steal here or a Stones or Dylan reference there-but with a fresh approach which renders them unique and affords them freshness.

Audiences are important to Aldo and this also sets him apart. Far from expecting them to sit in awe at his exceptional talents he actively encourages their participation. Thus the dancing, clapping and banging on a tambourine which have occurred at live shows I have witnessed are immediately hastily incorporated into his act ensuring that it goes off into yet another dimension staving off any predictability or complacency from either himself or his loyal converts.

Currently in the studio recording an independent two track single to be released in the spring and whilst the A side will be a garage rock stormer the B-Side will be more of a showcase of his live stage act. Wary of drawing other musicians into the mix he has thus far shied away from this but recognises it is something he may have to consider if he is to extend his musical palette and reach a bigger audience.

For the moment though he is perfectly happy to stand a lone wolf and from the reactions he is eliciting everywhere he plays he is right to stick to his guns playing the music he loves so fervently. With live gigs lined up for early spring – mainly in his native Scotland but also including an appearance at the London’s legendary 100 Club- this may be the last chance to see him in such venues and with such low key billing as his star is on the ascendant. A showcase evening in Edinburgh at a larger venue is being arranged for the spring featuring several upcoming Scottish bands but centring on him. Homesick Aldo 2013 could be yours for the taking!

Upcoming Gigs include Nice N Sleazy Glasgow on March 23rd and London 100 Club on the 13th April.

A single is being recorded and should be available later in the Spring. Until then check out links below for some idea of what to expect.

Portrait by Gavin Evans -thanks to Gavin- who has also worked with David Bowie, Iggy Pop, Joe Strummer and a host of others. His website with full details of his rock and film star  portraits and their availability can be found here.

Evans also has a film ‘The Audition’ showing at Summerhall every day from 10am-6pm until May 18th and his work can also be found at The Institute 14 Roseneath Street Edinburgh his studio/gallery/ cafe. Details can be found here.


Just An Observation Friday February 22nd

aldo new


Quite a lot been happening over the last week not least the sad news that Shadow Morton –the genius behind the Shangri La’s and producer of the ill fated second album ‘Too Much Too Soon’ by the New York Dolls- had died, trial by social media for  the James Bulger killers which leads neatly into the latest instalment of Charlie Brooker’s ‘Black Mirror’ series and, of course, that invective inducing shambles The Brits.

Worst things first, let’s look at the Brits –or should that be The Shit Awards aka The Skits- and how the sight and sound of One Erection murdering Blondie and The Undertones-now as an act of revenge wouldn’t the sight of those two groups murdering One Direction be something to see and in fact Debbie Harry could probably blow them to pieces with one blink of her eye- will remain one of the most horrendous moments of 2013. What is most worrying of all is that the boy bland themselves might actually think they are any good. Newsflash guys; you’re not. Definitely not!

The whole debacle was trite and embarrassing and far from showing what an unhealthy state the music industry is in it merely re-iterated that it is now over run by money men who care little about the quality of music they are peddling to an ever growing mass market. Last year however saw old music outselling new music for the first time so surely that statistic in itself speaks volumes. Having already attacked this ceremony in full I will not repeat the bile which already spewed forth and if you missed my ‘critique’ then it can be found here.

Not even getting a mention at the awards was Shadow Morton the legendary producer who died last week. Creating mini rock and roll operas for teenagers- rape, death, parental fall-outs and bad boy fixations were just some of the controversial subjects covered-  with The Shangri La’s in the early sixties, Morton’s legacy still looms large over modern music. What was Amy Winehouse’s ‘Back To Black’ album if not an attempt to capture some of that aforementioned girl bands pathos for a twenty first century audience? ‘Leader of the Pack’, ‘Give Him a Great Big Kiss’, ‘I Can Never Go Home Anymore’ and ‘Past, Present and Future’ still sound as fresh today as they must have done fifty years ago.

Lapsing into alcoholism Morton was more or less washed up by the time the New York Dolls approached him to produce their second album ‘Too Much, Too Soon’-the title proved prophetic as the Dolls were ahead of their time and it wasn’t until punk exploded several years later that their influence was recognised- though this was far from a fruitful venture and more or less killed off both their careers simultaneously. Morton disappeared from the music scene after this fateful encounter and languished in alcoholism throughout the eighties and relative obscurity until his death last week.

Much has been said concerning the alleged revealing of the former child killers Robert Thompson and Jon Venables who tortured and murdered two year old Jamie Bulger twenty years ago. The revealing of their identities via social media can as far as I can see do no good for anyone involved. All such actions can do is refresh the pain of the victims families- the pain will always be there but just dealt with in a different way however the unwelcome intrusion of any form of media can only bring it to the fore and heighten any anguish- as well as the expense of relocating and providing new identities,yet again, for the perpetrators.

Much like the horrors committed by Myra Hindley-the thought that a woman could involve herself in such horrific acts still shocks even today- it is more the fact that they carried out such atrocities whilst still children themselves that makes most peoples blood run cold. Their crime was horrifically shocking both then and now but the justice system-which is far from perfect-, has tried to deal with an unprecedented case in the best way it knows how. Trial by Twitter –unconfirmed alleged images of the  two killers as they are today went viral last weekend- is perhaps the way our society is moving but this does not however make it right as it interferes with an already beleaguered justice system which is struggling to retain any semblance of credibility and control as it is.

It was a subject which reared its head in ‘White Bear’ the latest episode of Charlie Brooker’s ‘Black Mirror’ series this week in which a young woman who has committed tortuous acts on a child wakes up in a justice camp where her trial involves her being pursued by a baying audience armed with mobile phones capturing every second of her torment as meted out by her captors. She is tortured and disorientated and as a drama it could not have been better timed to coincide with the revealing of the Bulger killers identities and the subsequent fall out if Brooker had tried. A full review can be found here.

Top night out for me this weekend has to be The Subterranean Homesick Aldo Blues Experience at the Institute in Marchmont. A genuine superstar in the making this looks like being a great gig although it is an invite only showcase event but I shall report back on the evening, as well as posting an interview and exclusive pictures of the man himself in the next week, alongside upcoming dates and news.

To finish off here is ‘Leader of the Pack’ by the Shangri La’s which is probably the song most will associate with the late, great Shadow Morton. All together now ‘Is she really going out with him?’…