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Not Another Happy Ending


Scottish based films and accents  are few and far between during the Edinburgh Film Festival so it was a pleasant surprise when it was announced that this years Festival closer was this independent Scottish rom-com directed by John Mc Kay featuring a strong Scottish cast and ably helped along by a soundtrack strongly featuring local talent. A pleasant breeze of a film it will not ruffle too many feathers and similarly to the opening effort-Breathe In- will come and go without making too much of an impression either way.

 The story focuses on an author Jane Lockhart( Karen Gillan) who strikes lucky with her first novel based on autobiographical experiences. The immediate attraction between her and her publisher, the suave but temperamental Tom Duval( Stanley Weber), is apparent from the get go but both are in denial and refuse to acknowledge their feelings for each other  instead entering into a terse and tumultuous working relationship.

 Despite this Jane is happy about the success of her novel but as a result discovers her pleasure has an unpleasant and inconvenient side effect: writer’s block. Matters are made worse in that she is planning to leave Tom’s publishing company as soon as the novel is completed but whilst the audience is aware that the reason she is reluctant to finish the work is that once it is done she has no reason to have any further contact with him, she seems ignorant to this obvious fact.

 Along the way a reunion with the father, who abandoned her as a child and who has contributed so much to the dearth of despair at her disposal and made her writing such a resounding success, is affected and this also adds confusion to her already confused and  emotional state.

 The whole plot is as fluffy as one of the cup cakes Gillan’s character makes in her bid to stifle her writer’s block and re-ignite her muse. It is a competent enough film with strong performances-Gillan is better than she has been before but as I have never been convinced of her acting prowess this is not as high a commendation as it initially appears- and a script which although predictable has a few tender moments. The soundtrack-including ‘Cherry Pie’ from Glasgow girl band favourites Teen Canteen- complements the action unfolding perfectly and the whole thing is a pleasant experience but it is also one which is not going to rock anyone’s world.