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Just An Observation Friday June 14th

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Fashion seems to be very much in the air this week. First of all I attended an amazing showing of the new collection by Atelier E.B. this Wednesday on a warm balmy summer evening- I am rarely able to use that phrase with our whimsical Scottish climate so indulge me please- in the picturesque and atmospheric Inverleith House situated in the Botanic Gardens. Fine knit cashmere pieces, beautifully tailored coats, funky tee shirts and full length woollen socks all tempted several of the attendees with orders filling up the books of the two artists/designers at the core of this venture, Lucy McKenzie and Beca Lipscombe. It did feel strange looking at items more closely associated with winter on such a beautiful summer evening but strangely enough the two opposing factions didn’t detract from each other and the evening rounded off perfectly with a stroll through the gardens aided by swigs from a celebratory bottle of champagne. At Inverleth House until Sunday 16th June Atelier E. B. is well worth checking out.

 Cashmere and winter clothing were very much on my mind the following evening however when I attended Leith Late. Making my way up Leith Walk the contrast in the weather from the previous evening could not have been more pronounced as cold winds and grey skies competed with each other as to which could dampen the spirits of  this worthy event the most. It was not a total downer though and I managed to garner some enjoyment from the spells I spent in Woodland Creatures, Elvis Shakespeare , The Art Bus and finally the Windsor Buffet Bar. The latter was most notable for the tuneless, flat singing of the female singer of their headlining band. Matters were not aided by the presence of her number one fan –and best friend- who made it quite clear if appreciation of her friend’s talents were not shown then her displeasure would be. As I tried not to wince every time a high note was not properly reached- there were many of these occasions- I also had to prevent a smirk from spreading across my face.

 Tomorrow night sees me returning to the world of fashion again as the Edinburgh International Fashion Festival launches its programme of events. Last years venture was highly successful so returning for a second time it will be interesting what 2013 yields from this enterprising and innovative team.

 Monday sees the Film Festival kick off and although I haven’t had time to compile a complete Calendar I have several films earmarked as essential and no doubt along the way I will discover a great many more. I am particularly looking forward to this year’s closing film- Not Another Happy Ending starring Karen Gillen- as it features a song by Teen Canteen, my new favourite girl group, on its soundtrack. Daily updates on what is worth seeing –or not as the case may be- will be posted before the films can be viewed by the public and hopefully will help to steer you in the right direction.

 News this week was confirmed about a new night called Rammed which is to be held at the Voodoo Rooms on July 6th. An impressive line up featuring the phenomenon which is Homesick Aldo and the wonderfully wilfully perverse Andy and the Prostitutes constitute the live music aspect of the evening. Not to be outdone however The Baron and Anna Kissed will be providing some excellent tuneage  before, during and after the bands, aiming to create a sonic environment and cultural experience unlike any other on the scene at the moment. Get along early though as spaces are limited and instead of trying to appeal to a mass audience which requires the struggle of filling up the venue with any old punters the promoters have instead elected to opt for a more intimate and select setting.

 Here then to round up today is a recently recorded video by a solo Homesick Aldo, although he has promised that his live act will feature a whole slew of new material and for the first time he will unveil and perform a prepared set with other musicians accompanying him.


Just An Observation Friday June 6th


At the time of writing summer seems to be making a rare appearance with blue skies and sunshine proliferating over the last week. Aside from the inappropriate ratios of clothing to flesh and alcohol to body weight-typical of Scots although it would appear not wholly exclusive to them- there has not been much to complain about over the last few days.

 Unless of course you count the ongoing strains of the Bongos which invaded the confines of my living space via a few trustafarians at last weekends Meadows festival which certainly brought on a new condition henceforth known as ‘Bongo Rage’ in me. I don’t know what it is about a bit of grass combined with dreadlocks, lager, burnt food all topped with sunshine and open air that makes people with no talent think they are Mickey Finn (from T.Rex who also possessed little in the way of talent but at least looked amazing) and feel the incessant desire to pound away on the bongo skins aimlessly for a whole weekend.

From my flat which overlooks the Meadows the resulting sound was like a constant migraine niggling away at my psyche with little relief until the Monday morning. Trying to enter the spirit of the thing I actually ventured over to see if I could soak up some of the atmosphere-usually I decamp to another part of town during this weekend- and whilst it was a reasonably pleasant experience, no doubt enhanced by Sundays glorious sunshine, I can truthfully report that bongos are even less bearable at close quarters. In fact the visual horror of seeing a bunch of hippies flailing around minus rhythm or style may have taken things to a new height of irritation.

 This weekend sees the return of the dreaded bongos at Leith Links festival which although I am pretty sure I am not attending  I may just make an appearance at just to hurl some much needed abuse to punctuate their aimless beatings. Much more appealing however is Leith Late13 taking place next Thursday between 6-9pm on Leith Walk in 17 venues and featuring over 30 artists, musicians and performers.

 The previous evening I will be attending an opening for Atelier E.B. in the prestigious Inverleith House surrounded by the picturesque splendour of the Botanic Gardens. The company is the combined brain child of Beca Lipscombe and Lucy McKenzie and the event holds host to their new collection ‘Ost End Girls’ and whilst they still focus on their desires to promote the Scottish textile industry-combining it with Belgian manufacturing- with cashmeres, tweeds and other traditional fabrics they will also for the first time be showing a summer collection. A full report of the evening will be posted after the event but this is a worthwhile venture which deserves support and is open to the public from Thursday 13th until the 16th at the same venue-Inverleith house- so do yourself a favour and go along.

 As mentioned last week a new venture called Rammed featuring live music and DJ’S aiming to create a sonic environment is due to make an appearance in the near future. So far all I can reveal is that a date of Saturday July 6th in the Voodoo Rooms has been announced and that the headlining act is proto superstar Homesick Aldo who after causing waves on the scene over the last year or so has been locked away in rehearsals creating new material and extending his musical palette to re-launch his musical/blues experience on the public at this event.

I, myself, am hoping to hear the fruits of his labours at a private open house party tomorrow night.  I am admittedly very curious about both this and the new venture as I feel it is about time Edinburgh got back into trying to create some sort of underground scene which is both exclusive and inclusive at the same time. If you have not heard, or heard  of, Homesick Aldo then I suggest you do and a feature which appeared on this site several months ago is a s good a place as any to start. The article can be found here.

 Today however I am actually strangely excited about going to see what will obviously be an over the top camp extravaganza and exposé about glitzy entertainer Liberace, Behind the Candleabra. As I am attending with a friend who himself is a camp piece of toxic outrage who minces more than a butchers equipment I am expecting my viewing experience to be accompanied by squeals of delight, salacious cackles and attempts- most likely unsuccessful- to control his desires to highkick his way down the theatre aisles whilst all the while claiming the film to be a wonder of  modern cinema. However from the trailers I have seen thus far I feel I may have to suppress my own desires –total anathema to me usually I hasten to add- to follow his lead and embrace the moment!