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One Day Moko
Created and performed by New Zealander Tim Carlsen I must admit to being somewhat perplexed and frustrated by One Day Moko. Matters were probably not helped on the ay I attended as torrential rain had probably convinced a few Fringe goers to remain at home so therefore the audience on this particular occasion was disappointing to say the least as I feel an immersive work requires some sort of audience feedback and participation.
As it was, the audience barely filled the front row so there was a slight awkwardness between us and Carlsen from the very outset. Despite this there were some promising moments as Carlsen attempted to create scenarios involving those we tend to ignore in our daily meanderings; an urban landscape which involves encounters with MacDonald’s staff, the police and club bouncers but unfortunately they never came to any real fruition.
Along with this his regular catchphrase of ‘Any requests?’ which was supposedly a cue for someone from the audience to shout out a song they would like him to sing often hung around the air like a guest who has over-stayed their welcome; more often than not a dreaded silence hung heavy in the air.
To be honest I found this show somewhat not fully realised. Obviously matters were not helped by the reticence of the audience participation but this aside the material just didn’t feel strong enough to stand on its own merit. There were simply too many awkward moments and poignant silences which prevented the whole production from moving forward as it should have if it wanted to be a relevant and entertaining piece of theater.
One Day Moko is on at The Gilded Balloon at 15.45 until August 29th.(not 22nd)