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My Land

Returning after last year’s triumphant Paris de Nuit show-without a doubt the hottest, sexiest show on The Fringe- Hungary’s Recirquel present their 2018 production My Land which is just as stunningly intoxicating, mesmerizing, breathtaking and erotically charged as their previous offering,
This year however the pace is much more languorous and the set stripped down to a bare floor strewn with a sand-like substance and a wobbly mirror backdrop but the simplicity of the set belies the complex nature of the show wherein beautifully taut glistening bodies twist, turn and contort themselves into shapes and positions that will quite literally take your breath away and leave you gasping for air.
The six male and one female performers – Rodion Drahun, Roman Khasifov, Sergii Materinskyi, Yevenhiia Obolonina, Andrii Spatar, Mykola Pysiura and Andrii Pysiura- turn in an ensemble performance that alongside amazing skill, dexterity and imagination must also include an inordinate amount of trust and awareness as everything is perfectly synced to within a split second and the reliance on each other is inestimable.
Highlights include balancing on delicate body parts, twisted torsos and limbs, a sequence involving a free-standing ladder and even an imaginative juggling sequence which beats any street performance you are ever likely to see.
The soundtrack featuring traditional music from Tatar, Moldavia and other parts of the Ukraine adds a surreal, sublime flavour to the outstanding feats on display whilst director and choreographer Bence Vagi has more than excelled himself yet again.
Not a solitary second of this show is wasted and you will find yourself captivated and even unable to draw breath at certain moments. It is a stunningly visceral piece of theater which will stay with you for hours-if not days- after.
Totally mesmerizing!
My Land is on at Assembly Roxy at 8.10pm until August 26th.