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Just an Observation

So spring seems to have sprung back into the winter as gusting winds, drenching rains and biting chills overtook any hopes of a smooth transition of the seasons. Hopefully this is a temporary blip and by this time next week we will be revelling in more suitable temperatures and weather conditions suited to this time of year. Mind you with this being Scotland there is little predictable about our weather other than unpredictability so best be prepared for all options.
Something which did put a bit of sunshine into this morning was the news that Kate Bush is doing a series of live shows from August 26th through to September 19th at London’s Eventim Apollo. Having only ever done one major tour before-these shows take place in one venue so it can hardly be termed a tour- 35 years ago in 1979 this is major news for her fans and admirers. Knowing Bush’s love for the theatrical it is bound to be something spectacular drawing on all aspects of her full and varied career and certainly it will go down as a highlight of 2014’s musical calendar. Tickets go on sale next week.
Elsewhere this week things seem to be going through a temporary lull with nothing particularly exciting happening this weekend. There is a vintage pop up fair at the Parlour in Duke Street tomorrow night-Saturday the 22nd- which I will probably head along to as it looks like being a worthwhile event with fashion, DJ sets and a good crowd.
Talking of fashion one of the great masters in this sphere, Yves Saint Laurent, is held up for measure in a biopic about his life and career in a new film out today. Definitely one of the guiding lights of twentieth century fashion-he is up there with Coco Chanel and Christian Dior- his mannish tuxedoes and cigarette pants will go down as his signature outfits but there are many others, such as the Mondrian dresses, which are just as iconic. His life should make an interesting story and if nothing else at least the clothes will be good. A review will be on these pages over the weekend.
As said before this weekend is relative quiet on the social front but this is merely the lull before the storm as next week sees things hotting up with several events on consecutive nights; sometimes even on the same nights.
Things kick off on the Thursday with a ‘Born to be Wide’ photo exhibition followed immediately after by a Neu Reekie event which sees the boys back from their New York adventures at Camera Obscura. Friday sees the opening night of the Hidden Door Festival in the Market Street Vaults Saturday sees a great gig at the Leith Franklin Cricket Club featuring The Bonnevilles and Geek maggot Bingo whilst Sunday sees a Rebel Inc. evening at Summerhall whilst the Amazing Snakeheads rock it up at Sneaky Pete’s. Phew! Barely pausing for breath there is also a sneaky week night out on the form of an Underground American cinema evening-Kinoclub- at the Hidden Door Vault. It might be an idea to stock up on sleep and finances before then and take advantage of this weekend’s lack of activity before next week’s surfeit.