The Portable Dorothy Parker

Known for her acerbic razor-sharp wit and in being in possession of a tongue you most certainly wouldn’t want to be on the wrong side of Dorothy Parker makes excellent subject matter for any playwright and this outing does a commendable job of representing this.
Written by Annie Lux, directed by Lee Costello and with Margot Avery in the central role as Parker- we, the audience are the invited publisher for Viking that Parker really can’t be bothered with- this production captures something of the spirit of its protagonist as she reminisces through her memoirs for selected works to be known as The Portable Dorothy Parker.
Taking us through a list of her achievements: writing for Vogue, Vanity Fair,. Her stint as a Hollywood screen writer to hanging out with literary bigwigs such as F. Scott Fitzgerald and Ernest Hemingway all leading to those legendary lunches at The Algonquin Hotel where she held court with members of her ‘round table’; it is an exhilarating ride. It is of course peppered with wonderful anecdotes and spiky comments drip fed and delivered with almost icy detachment. In fact sometimes they are delivered a little too coolly and subtly so therefore are not always easy to spot.
Avery does a great job as Parker and you get the sense of the authoritative superiority and sense of entitlement those of supreme intelligence seem to possess. You also get a sense of the ennui and subsequent loneliness that lies at her core with the only real companionship she feels is with the ever-present bottle of Haig and Haig she keeps replenishing her glass from.
The portable Dorothy Parker is a nicely paced- not too fast as this would dilute the essence of the character whose laissez-faire attitude is essential to the role- and even if it does slow down towards the end it always manages to retain your interest.
The Portable Dorothy Parker is showing at Gilded Balloon Rose August 5th-28th-not 14th or 21st- at 4pm.

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